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We are two girls, named Julle and Katrine.

My name is Julle and i'm 16 years old, i live home with my parents, brothers and all our dogs. We have 5 dogs, 4 bitch and 1 male dog. We have Labrador Retrievers.
We going on shows. hunting, qualificationstest, basic obedience and retrieving test, and field trial with them. My mother have a Kennel, called Jubilant.

Besides my dogs i have a horse. I have ride in 13 years, and i have my own in 3½ years.

My name is Katrine, and i'm 16 years old. I live home with my parents, brother and our animals. We have one dog, a rabbit and i have a horse. In my spear time i use the mostly of my time with my horse, i have ride in 7 years but i only have my own horse named Donna in a year now.

Why have we maked this page?

We have maked this page because we have a school projekt, that goes out of, we shell make our own page, with something we seems interest. That is why we want to make a page with dogs. Julle have some dogs they goes show and test with, but there are not only show/test dogs, they are also some familiy dogs.

Katrine have a dog and he is only a family dog, because shes family not have time and interest to complete all the shows/test, you can doing with them.

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